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How do I choose the right massage therapy school?

Tips for selecting the right massage school.

Choosing the right massage school.

How to Choose the Right Massage School

As with any other career, your future success in massage is greatly influenced by your educational choices. There are now over sixteen hundred schools that offer massage training in the United States. Choosing the best school can be overwhelming, but by asking the right questions, you can narrow your choices and be sure to find the best one for you.
  • How long has the school been offering massage training? The length of time that a school has been in operation is no guarantee of quality, but it should be one of your considerations. Ask graduates and others about the school's reputation in the industry. Find out what training and experience it expects of its staff as well.
  • Does the school offer massage therapy training only or are other vocational training programs offered as well? A school that specializes in massage training tends to have a higher quality and a more in-depth program.
  • Is the school accredited? This is important if you want to be sure that your training will meet or exceed the necessary licensing requirements for your state. Be sure to ask about this. One agency that evaluates schools is the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.
  • What is the school's focus? Massage covers a broad area. Whether you want to practice massage generally or specialize in a certain type will help to determine the school you choose. A school may train more toward Eastern and holistic therapy, clinical and scientific massage, or spa related specialties.
  • Is there any business skill training offered? Many massage therapists are self-employed.You need at least some business skills to succeed. It is best to avoid schools that do not offer any classes on how to market and manage your massage business after graduation.
  • Are there any financial aid programs available? You may need some assistance to pay for your education. Many schools have aid programs. Don't be afraid to ask about them.
  • What types of job placement programs are offered for graduates?The school you attend should want to help you succeed after graduation. Sometimes the assistance is for a limited time after you finish school, while other institutions will help graduates years later. Just ask.
If you take the time to research massage therapy schools you can find one that is a good fit and will offer you a great start in your career.

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