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Tips and information for continuing your education in massage therapy. From massage ce courses to selecting the right massage ce program and school.

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Massage Continuing Education or CE

As with many other service-oriented professions, the massage therapist should spend part of their time acquiring new information about their field or refreshing skills they already possess. The act of doing so is called continuing education (CE).

Though a specific number of training hours may be regulated by some states or with licensing entities you have more freedom when it comes to the subject matter of massage continuing education than you would with your original certification. You can choose from courses such as:

  • Law and Legal Issues
  • Cancer and Massage
  • Developing a Wellness Center
  • Deep Tissue Massage, and
  • Reflexology

This list only includes a few of the options. The content and variety of courses is almost boundless because the intimacy of massage therapy involves a host of physical, medical, ethical, emotional, business and logistical concerns. They each require treatment specific to the material involved.

Massage Continuing Education by State

If you are planning to obtain a license or certification in massage therapy, or if you already have one, it is important to know the continuing education requirements in your state so you can stay up to date. Continuing education also provides:

  • A chance to set yourself apart from other practitioners
  • A time to increase competence and expand your skills
  • New energy and passion for your work
  • A break from day-to-day activity and a chance to interact with other massage professionals

Taking additional courses in massage, whether to fulfill a requirement or just to enhance your skills, demands that you find a way to learn that is reputable and convenient. Places you can begin your search may include the following:

  • The massage school where you received your original training
  • Accredited massage and body work schools in your area
  • Websites for massage certification and accreditation organizations, which often have suggestions on useful programs
  • Online CE courses (These are nice because you can do them at your home, at your convenience, but make sure you are taking credit hours that will actually count towards your requirement.)
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Investing in Massage CE

Lifelong learning in massage therapy can be an opportunity for advancing personal enrichment, honing your skills, and increasing your earning potential. It is worth your investment of time and money to continuing your massage therapy education, so that you can achieve these valuable returns.

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