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This massage therapy exam guide examines the types of massage certification exams in detail and recommends the best massage exam prep for each including massage schools and programs. It also explain that each state's certification and licensing requirements are different and therefore it is important to understand the exam requirmenets for the state in which you will practice massage therapy.

The definitive guide to massage certification and massage exam prep.

Massage Certification Exams

To practice massage therapy most states require a practicing massage therapist to be certified. Even if your state does not require certification, you will find it worthwhile to invest time and effort in massage certification first. There are three major exams for massage therapists in the US, and each has distinctive emphases.

3 Major Massage Certification Exams

Massage Exam Preparation

There are many different courses designed to prepare you for these tests, most of which are available online. Some of these are quite helpful, and it is a good idea to invest in at least one.

Recommended Massage Exam Preparation

The best preparation is through massage therapy classes and practical experience. If you know your subject well and understand the reasons for what you do, these exams should not be a challenge.
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Which States Accept Which Exams?

The majority of states accept either MBLEx or NCETMB certification. The states that require a specific exam all use the NCETMB except for Arkansas (MBLEx). A good number of states also require a specific state exam and graduation from an accredited school. A few states have no requirements at all, but this is likely to change as the industry continues to grow.
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