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What is a massage therapist?

What does a massage therapist do? How does one become a massage therapist? Complete massage therapist job description and steps to become a massage therapist.

Massage Therapist Job Duties

What is a massage therapist?

You have probably heard of a massage therapy job, but just what exactly is the definition and what do they do?

At the basic level, being a massage therapist involves knowing how to give effective and helpful massages. Obviously, no one can be successful as a massage therapist without this basic massage skills and ability.
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What are the other components of a massage therapist job description?

Maintain a Professional Environment

Therapists should also work to maintain a clean and professional working environment. The overall appearance and maintenance of the office will make a significant impression on customers about the quality of the therapy.

Relationship Building

All massage therapists must exercise good social and relational skills with their clients. The key to building a small business in this industry is in relationships. If customers are consistently satisfied, there will be little struggle to build a solid clientele and even to see it grow. If this dynamic can be harnessed correctly, marketing becomes almost unnecessary. Most clients find a massage therapist through word of mouth, relying on the opinions of friends who have tried various therapists. An established reputation is worth far more than multiple thousands of advertising dollars.

Skills Beyond Massage: Office Skills

As a health services career, there is much more involved. An effective therapist must know how to provide a professional customer experience from beginning to end. Most therapists need organizational and secretarial abilities, so that they can schedule appointments and keep up with billing. Telephone skills and a basic knowledge of accounting are also an immense help.

In short, there is much more involved in being a massage therapist than giving good massages. Since it is very rare for multiple therapists to work out of one office, most will need to organize and maintain the office themselves. Therefore, a massage therapist needs all of the various skills that are involved in running any small business. When these skills come together with good training and experience in massage, the combination is powerful and quite lucrative.

How do I become a massage therapist?

There are 100s of schools that provide massage training and certification.
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Massage Job Requirements (by State)
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