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2013-2014 Massage Therapy Jobs and Salary Outlook

HOT CAREER for 2013-20013: Join one of the fastest growing fields in the US. Find out how much you can earn as a massage therapist in 2013 (massage job salaries report) and get started in a career as a massage therapist. Massage therapist job outlook for 2013 - 2014 includes massage therapy salary ranges and job opportunities.

Massage Salary Guidelines: How much money do massage therapists make per year?

Massage Therapists Job Outlook for 2013 and 2014

In the current economic climate, many people are intensely interested in what they can expect from different career options. So what is the career outlook in job the massage therapy field?

Currently, about 57% of massage therapists are self-employed, according to the US Department of Labor. About 48% worked part time and 19% had variable schedules. In 2011 there were about 320,000 massage therapists in the United States, though the Department of Labor recognizes only about 158,000 full jobs in the field. One growing area is franchises, where therapists work under the recognized label of a certified company. This trend is only expected to continue.

Massage Job Wages and Salary Information for 2013 and 2014

The median wage for a massage therapist is $16.78. The lowest 10% of therapists earned only $8.00 and the highest earned over $33.50. The middle 50% ranged between $11.36 and $25.14. This converts into a career of about $34,900 on average, and as much as $69,000 for the most successful therapists. The average cost for a massage (including the tip) is $68.

Future Massage Job Growth Outlook for 2013 (and Job Opportunity for 2014)

The future does look bright for people in this field. The number of employed massage therapists is expected to increase 19 percent over the next 8-10 years. In 1991 there were about 91 million visits to a massage therapists, increasing to 136 million in 2003. Since that time, the growth has only continued as people begin seeking lower cost alternatives to impossibly expensive surgeries or other treatments. The area growing the quickest is the spa industry, where growth is coming at a rate of 15-16% every year. Massage therapists may even offer their services in spas to supplement additional income or gain more customers.

Relative to other job opportunities, massage therapy one of the better job options because of the modest educational requirements, good wage, and high flexibility in scheduling. This is why massage therapy schools are reporting a rapid influx of new students in the field. Still, the demand seems to outpace supply, and growth continues in massage therapy.

Is a career as a massage therapist right for you?

For those willing to invest time in training and certification, this continues to be an excellent career choice and even an increasing opportunity. In times when jobs are scarce and growth in most sectors is spotty, this trend is certainly unusual enough to notice and take advantage of.
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