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The Top 6 International Massage Schools

While there are plenty of good quality massage schools in the United States, you may prefer to study massage in another country. Below are some of the international schools that you might consider.
  • Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. This school is located in Perth, Western Australia, and offers a Massage Therapy Practice certificate. It prepares students to practice massage in a clinical setting and requires 100 hours of hands-on, supervised learning at the school's clinic. This certificate can be upgraded to a Remedial Massage Diploma. In this program, students learn Swedish and deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure, and other massage techniques. They must also complete a minimum of 200 hours in the student clinic.
  • Beijing Massage Hospital.This hospital was established in 1958, and interestingly enough, at least half of its staff are blind. Every year they allow over 100 students to study there. Courses are offered for both professionals and amateurs and may last from a week to six months. Chinese massage theoretical study and clinical practice, basic theory of Chinese traditional medicine, and acupuncture points are taught.
  • Thai Massage School.The Thai Ministry of Education and the Thai Ministry of Public Health supervise this institution that was founded in 1962. Here students can study Northern style Thai massage, aroma oil massage, foot massage, and herbal steam therapy. Those who enroll in the school's five-level, 150 hour professional program will earn a diploma.
  • Costa Rica School of Integrative Massage. Coursework at this school is completed in two stages. After bookwork courses are completed online, students travel to Cost Rica to complete hands-on training courses. This school also offers classes in business management for massage therapy to help you be successful in your career.
  • Kientalerhof. This school is in Kiental, Switzerland. Here you can learn cranio-sacral therapy, shiatsu, and other techniques related to massage. They focus on Eastern medicinal thought and how it can complement Western ideas.
  • European Shiatsu School.Established in 1985, this school has branches in Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Britain. You can obtain a Shiatsu bodywork qualification in just one year. Students may also work toward a full Shiatsu Therapy Diploma which takes about 3 years to complete. All of the textbooks and learning aids that are mandatory are provided free of charge by the school.

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