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How To Get Financial Aid for Massage School

Want to go to massage therapy school? Get information on massage school financial aid.

Massage Therapy School Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Massage Schools

If you're interested in going to massage school, you may initially have sticker shock. On average, massage therapy programs cost $4,500 - $9,500 dollars. Unlike many other fields, education for massage therapy can be full time or part time. There are several options to help cover this cost if you do not have the funds to cover it up front.

Massage School Loans

  • Federal Loans - If the school that you attend is accredited, then you will be eligible for some federal help. This includes direct loans-low interest loans for which the Department of Education is the lender instead of a private bank.
  • Private Loans - These are massage school loans acquired from banks and credit unions. Interest rates can vary, but they are usually lent at much higher interest rates than direct massage loans.


There are many scholarship programs available, but there is also a great deal of competition, so applying early is essential to being considered.
  • Spa Foundation's Award. This award affords the recipient money for school as well as financial management support during school and during their future career. For more information, contact the Spa Foundation directly at
  • MASSAGE Magazine awards $2000 scholarships to seven students who are attending schools that participate in the magazine's program.
  • Individual schools often have scholarship opportunities worthy of considering.
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Veterans Benefits

Only one-third of veterans take advantage of their educational benefits. This is a terrific option for paying for massage school.

Work-study Programs and Payment Plans

Work-study programs allow the student to pay for the massage program by working for the school. Payment plans can work especially well for students who are able to work full time while going to school. Many schools offer these payment plans interest free. This is another option that is dependent on specific school offerings.

Massage therapy can be a very lucrative career. However pay can vary drastically depending on everything from how much a therapist works to what region of the country the business is in. It takes about 2 years to build up a consistent clientele, and, on an average, 15 hours of massage per week earns $29,250 per year. This figure includes tips. Obviously, this pay rate offers much better returns if you are willing to work a higher number of weekly hours.