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Our Ohio massage school directory assists massage therapy students in finding a top massage school that is beneficial to their career goals. We highlight and review a variety of massage schools in the OH. We also list the licensing requirements to become a massage therapist in Ohio.

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Massage Therapy Schools in Ohio

A career in massage therapy is one that not only presents many opportunities for employment, but also provides a needed service for communities and clients. Before pursuing such a career, however, it is important to be informed regarding the steps and requirements to achieve such a goal.

Ohio State Massage Therapist licensing requirements: The state of Ohio requires that those who would obtain a massage therapy license must:
  • Undergo a background check
  • Complete training in massage therapy representing at least 750 educational hours
  • Submit an application for examination to the Medical Board
  • Pass a state-administered exam
One of the most important steps in the licensing process is the choice of a good massage school. In fact, a massage school often plays animportant role in guiding graduates through the various requirements to realize their goal to become a massage therapist. Here are several well-respected massage schools in the state of Ohio:

Cincinnati School of Medical Massage Therapy

Cincinnati School of Medical Massage Therapy

Cleveland and Cincinnati, OH
This school of massage therapy has trained a large number of successful professionals since it first opened.
  • The school's stated mission, "to give students the opportunity to find employment in the health profession and to promote critical thinking and awareness."
  • Although the school's curriculum is rigorous, its thorough training provides the knowledge and skills needed to truly succeed in the real world of massage therapy.

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Miami-Jacobs Career College

Miami-Jacobs Career College

Akron, Columbus and Cincinnati, Troy, Springboro and Dayton, OH
The Miami-Jacobs College of Massage features the following:
  • Miami-Jacobs Career College is located in Miami Valley and is a private vocational college.
  • The school's degrees in massage therapy are its most sought by students and provides those enrolled with skills that can assist patients with joint and muscle aches, injuries and even anxiety disorders.
  • Faculty are chosen for proven experience and practical knowledge with class sizes kept small in order to accommodate personal attention from skilled instructors.
  • The program can be taken in 6 or 12 months, and concludes with full certification in Ohio, as long as students pass the state exams.

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Northcoast Medical Training Academy

Northcoast Medical Training Academy

Kent, OH
The Northcoast Medical Training Academy for Massage Therapy has several advantages:
  • Northcoast Medical Training Academy is a short-term medical training institution focused toward state certification and licensing.
  • Features affordable tuition with convenient class schedules
  • Utilizes a 20,000 sqare foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment and computers as well as small class sizes to enable extra hands-on training and tutoring.

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Choosing a Top Massage School in Ohio

So choose the right kind of massage school and get your career as a massage therapy off to a great start!